Every student we teach is taught with a belief that he/she can be groomed into a National Asset by guiding them to secure admission in the Top Engineering and Medical Colleges of the country. Digital PACE facilitates the achievement of results by improving students’ speed, efficiency and enhancing memory retention through innovative and engaging gamified learning. This approach helps students to save time and multiply their efforts. Our best mentors from the industry make study simple, out of the box and absolute fun to do for our students, enabling them to transform their aspirations into an absolute reality.


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We have sent over 10,000+ student to IITs, PACE continues its legacy after their formal education. We are glad to inform you that some of our students are serving some of the best companies in the world.


PACE is the No 1 institute of Maharashtra for JEE/NEET/Olympiad preparations. PACE was started in the year 1999 by Mr. Praveen Tyagi, B Tech, IIT-Delhi, which has been consistently producing top rankers in every exam, be it- JEE Main, JEE Advanced, Medical, BIT-SAT, all Boards, etc. from past 25 years. Comprising the biggest pool of 400+ IITians & Doctorates who are passionate, dedicated & are available 24X7 to our students.

PACE has the best success ratio as almost 1 out of every 3 PACE student get selected into IITs/NITs/Medical institutes.

PACE has been consistently producing HSC board toppers & subject toppers from the last 10 years. PACE is the choice of Xth board toppers (CBSE, ICSE, SSC, etc) & school toppers of Maharashtra, thus giving your child ‘Best Peer Group’ to compete.

Our comprehensive curriculum/programs is an ideal solution for students who aspire for competitive exams like JEE Main/ Advanced, NEET, BITSAT, Education Abroad, etc. along with Class XII board preparation, etc.

Choice of IIT Deans, Director & Professors: The children of IIT professors, Dean and Directors have entrusted PACE for their child’s JEE/NEET/Foundation level exam preparation. PACE is proud of living up to their expectations.

 PACE Jr Science College: In a historic decision, Maharashtra Govt. gave us permission to start 7 Jr Science Colleges in the year 2010. Today, our 10 colleges are the no 1 choice for the students who aspire for competitive exams. Every year our cut-offs are highest. Every year when the results are declared, most of the HSC toppers are from PACE Jr Science College, IIT Toppers are from PACE Jr Science Colleges, International Olympiads Gold Medalists in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, etc. Be it top universities across the globe- MIT, Stanford, etc, we have set a trend. We have brought a revolution in college education by ensuring that when students get admitted to our colleges they get the best faculties and results are delivered.

Knowing the fact that the sweetest fruits do not ripe overnight, we adhere to a holistic and child-centric approach, feedback driven mechanism, emphasizing on innovative teaching methodology, exclusive & experienced faculty, training sessions, revisions, study material, tests patterns, motivational webinars and more to produce the top-notch results every year. Besides the factors conscripted above, there is one specific trait we imbibe within our students and it is the ‘Scientific Attitude’

At PACE, the curriculum is blended to ensure that the syllabus for competitive exams & boards is dealt in a manner that no repetition or overlapping is done. This ensures that a student’s time is well utilized.

India’s Top Educators 

Human Brain is complex and in this distractive world, focus is the key to super performance. A good educator knows how to retain student’s attention. We at Digital PACE provide students with the best faculties of the country and have produced top rankers in IIT JEE and NEET in last 23 glorious years of trust and excellence.

PACE IIT & Medical teachers have extensive experience of more than two decades in IIT-JEE, NEET, and international competitive exam preparation, with the highest selection rate in the industry. The faculty uses simple, gamified methodology of teaching which is not only simple to understand but also highly exam orientated.

Live Interactive Lectures 

LEARN, RE-LEARN and APPREHEND is the principle we thoroughly follow at Digital PACE. Our aim is to make students comfortable and feel at ease in the classes.  We keep the classes highly engaged and interactive with Digital Whiteboard, Screen-sharing, Annotations, Live Quiz, Chat with Teachers and many more features. We have a proven track record of teaching through digital platforms.  In last 10 Years, PACE has produced innumerable Toppers with digital education.

Guidance & Mentorship 

Nothing can be achieved without the guidance and mentorship of great teachers. Our highly experienced and best in class mentors will guide each child to make the most of the learning programme. Students will receive study plans that will help them in organising their learning routine in a more systematic manner. We have dedicated mentors for our students to get their academic, technical and any other queries cleared.

Doubt Solving 

Have a Doubt?  Clear it instantly with our mentor throughout the class. We understand that learning cannot surpass without doubts and curiosity! Our doubt solving mechanism ensures that your preparation has no gaps. We will be providing you access to personal teachers for doubt solving on a daily basis expertly, comprehensively and instantaneously.

Video Lectures Library 

As each child’s attention capacity and concentration differ, they can revisit the video library at any moment to clear up any doubts and re-understand, even if their flow of knowledge is interrupted.

All lectures are recorded and stored within the system to ensure that missed lectures can be taken later without hassle anytime, anywhere!

Innovative + Gamified Learning with STEPapp 

STEPapp is a gamified, personalised, interactive and adaptive learning app that makes learning fun and interesting for students. It’s an innovative way to learn concepts while making sure that you are always aware of the learning outcomesSTEPapp has been developed in house by the expert team of 400+ IITians and Doctorates with over 10 years of extensive research.

Real-Time Reporting & Analysis 

STEPapp dashboard stores learning outcomes of the students based on their speed, accuracy and number of attempts on a secure database and provides insights like subject wise top students, strengths and areas for improvement, highly granular topic-wise performance etc. which helps the students strategize and reach out to their highest potential.

Parents can also have a complete DNA of their wards study report.

Regular + Rigorous Testing 

Although Arjuna was best at his craft, Master Dronacharya still made him go through the tough test!

What is knowledge without the right application!  After each topic, there are topic-specific assessments to see how well the child absorbs it. A detailed analysis will be offered to comprehend the child’s strong regions to work on, the weaker sections to strengthen, and an assessment of the child’s problem-solving skills. All India ranking leader board helps you analyse and stay up to date with the competition! We at Digital PACE not only make you learn hard but apply smart!

Study Materials: 

Every piece of theory or say a formula is derived from long research and application.  There are times where you really need to refer to the basics in order to build a strong command over the concepts.

Our team of experienced faculties have compiled this comprehensive study material over past 2 decades. We have been refining our study material years on years which is reflected in our gamified learning app. STEPapp has already been adopted by many schools and educational bodies across the country and has over 1 Lac+ downloads. We have specific modules designed for each subject which covers the syllabus of all the boards as well as the topics essential for all competitive examinations.

  • We will give you access to eBooks, concept videos and digital notes & test series to provide a complete learning ecosystem.
  • *Hard copy materials are given to the students who have subscribed to the PRO program.

Affordable –

Digital PACE is designed in a way to reach out of ever deserving candidate who is not able to pay the fees but deserves to study. We are trying to provide equal opportunity to all the students across the country.

No hassle of travelling –

Students can save a lot of time and energy by studying anytime, anywhere.

  • NEET
  • One to One Math and Science classes.


We take a great responsibility in choosing our partners and make sure together we deliver the best quality results for our students.Here are a few collaborations we have formed to ensure children have a pleasant and easy learning experience. Genius Teachers, Genius Performance, One platform for your every educational need!

Knowledge Partner

Classroom program for JEE/NEET and Foundation preparations.

Classes 7 to 12

Technology Partner

Learn through Innovative Gamified Content mapped to your school syllabus for strengthening your concept in Math & Science

Classes 1 to 12