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arrow The PACE online course for class 10th is for one year. It seeks to familiarize students with science and math subjects in depth.

arrow We will create a unique outline for each kid. The teaching methods are thorough, allowing pupils to become familiar with their own learning styles.

arrow We aim to develop students learning skills and prepare them for competitive examinations. The batch aids the students to get ahead of the curve in preparation for their school/competitive exams, such as NTSE, KVPY, National & International Olympiads, and other national and international level of competitive exams.



At PACE, students get the benefit of attending LIVE interactive classes online from the comfort of their homes. Learn, ask questions, answer- students get to do everything they would in a classroom environment.

The teaching faculty at PACE consists of highly regarded academicians and IITians who are highly qualified in their field of expertise. We guide students effectively to reach their optimum learning goal and score well in their school exams as well as in various competitive exams. Year after year, we have produced glorious results in numerous national and international level exams such as NTSE, KVPY, Olympiads, etc.

We at PACE highly encourage students to ask questions when in doubt and otherwise. This encourages critical thinking ability of the students asking questions and those around them. Teachers are always welcoming doubt clearing sessions during online classes to help students get the best out of their time.

We are also concerned with the well-being of every student and help them with their stress in classes and studies. Students can discuss their worries freely with our mentors to help them overcome their fears and stress of studying. Students will be guided by a personal mentor throughout their academic journey, whether it is to address questions, organize or schedule timetable, or provide career counseling.

The PACE Foundation Course for 10th Standard has an exhaustive module consisting of a thorough syllabus covering all possible topics of Class 10 Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, & Biology. All lectures are recorded and stored within the system to ensure that missed lectures can be taken later without hassle anytime, anywhere!

STEPapp is a gamified, personalized, interactive and adaptive learning app that makes learning fun and interesting for students. It’s an innovative way to learn concepts while making sure that you are always aware of the learning outcomes. STEPapp has been developed in-house by the expert team of 400+ IITians and Doctorates with over 10 years of extensive research.

We at PACE conduct regular exams in the form of test series curated according to the question pattern followed by various School Boards in India for the self-evaluation of students. Our teachers also provide an in-depth analysis of the tests for self-assessment. We at PACE provide curated assignments and notes for students to track their progress during their course of study.

We also provide Study Material for students as references to study from as well as a guidebook. The study materials are highly researched material, curated and designed by our faculty. With this study material, students get access to an exhaustive course covering the entire syllabus of Mathematics & Science, thereby providing them with a deep understanding of the various concepts.

Assignments are prepared by our subject matter experts and are provided to students regularly to check how much they have learnt so far.

We at PACE hold regular PTM sessions for the parents to stay in the loop of their child’s course and check their progress as well as discuss points of improvement with the teachers.


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When students advance from class 9th to class 10th, they notice a significant shift in concepts and chapters. It can be due to the pressure of the first board examinations. As a result, it is important that they get a solid foundation in 10th grade. PACE develops step-by-step learning sessions for students to assist them in understanding the ideas and chapters. Our online lessons can assist pupils in thoroughly learning concepts in math and science. This will help students build a solid foundation for class 10th and afterwards prepare for competitive examinations. It is a one-year course that combines practice sessions, interactive workshops, and doubt-clearing sessions to assist students in learning class 10. All of the sessions will be interactive and live. Teachers will help you grasp even the most difficult topics. Book your session today and begin LIVE sessions. Get unlimited access to all video classes until the day of your exam! So, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to reserve your spot with PACE.

Many students feel pressured in class 10th. It is probably due to the board examinations. At PACE, we believe that practice makes one perfect. If a student is dedicated to routine studies and understands all the concepts thoroughly, they do not have to worry about the class 10th board examinations. The class is easy to cope with if you have an understanding of all the concepts, chapters, topics, and theories taught in the sessions with Digital PACE. Practice as much as you can, have doubt-clearing sessions, and interact with your mentor if you are facing any problems.

At digital PACE, we understand the importance of class 10th. Our exclusive and comprehensive study plans are catered with resources that are easy to read and understand. We take our students’ education seriously and work towards making the best out of them. Our classes are LIVE which can help pupils to interact with the teachers and other students. We aim to provide the best foundation to the students. You can also avail the notes and other study material from Digital Pace. Get full access to STEPapp- Gamified Learning App along with the recorded videos and study sessions.

PTM also known as parent-teacher meetings is an important set-up that needs to be adhered to especially if your student is in class 10th. Parents are entitled to know about their child’s performance and which areas should be worked upon. Teachers at PACE keep transparency between the students, teachers, and parents. Parents will be able to analyze and compare the results before and after the guidance from Digital PACE. Each report card is curated to benefit the student in the future. There is no comparison but a gist of what has to be worked upon on your child.

Examinations are a way of evaluating what you have learnt and grasped over the years in class. The term ‘board examination’ may be scary for many, but it should not be worried about. A student who has practiced, learnt, and built his foundation strong, should not take board examinations as a difficult milestone. With regular sessions, tests, and analysis by the teachers at Digital PACE, you will be able to clear the 10th board examination just like a regular exam.

This is a completely subjective question. All schools work differently and have set criteria for allocating the streams to the students. Mainly, students who score more than 8-grade points get to go into the medical and non-medical streams. Although it can alter with the subjective grade. If your marks are more in science and math than social studies, you may get into the science stream. At Digital PACE, we train pupils for the best. You need not to worry about your stream when you excel at your studies!

At Digital PACE, we recommend each student devote at least 2 hours to each subject. Although you should give more time to the subject you are weak at. Science can be tricky for some in class 10th. Join our digital PACE foundation classes for class 10th. Here we help you learn the concepts of physics, chemistry, and biology coherently. There is just not one focus, but we make students learn science as a whole subject. If you have regular practice and a strong base in learning concepts, Science can be the easiest subject for class 10th.

To make learning fun, and in an innovative video graphics way, PACE has made the application called STEPapp. If there are concepts that are hard to cope with, and you are unable to connect with them, register with us at STEPapp. We try to deliver and engage the more creative side of students to help them learn the most difficult concepts. After joining the digital PACE, you will be at a run to prepare for competitive examinations. STEPapp can be your relaxing area where you learn concepts in a fun & interesting manner. Even the scariest concepts can be learnt easily with the STEPapp application.

Yes, mathematics can be a little difficult for those who do not like math. Class 10th introduces you to the concept of trigonometry- a relatively new and scary concept for many. But worry not, after you enroll in the foundation course of Digital PACE, we have got your back. We conduct regular teaching sessions, doubt-clearing classes, and other interactive sessions that can help you go through the math paper easily. Our teachers conduct interactive sessions and give complete notes, and other study materials to help students cope with the pressure of board examinations.

Class 10th of the CBSE board examinations has different sets of questions. These include the Very Short Answer (VSA) type, Short Answer(SA) type, and Long Answer (LA) type. At Digital PACE we help students to work on all types of questions. They will be taught the value of time and how to complete the given questions in a restricted time frame. Teachers at PACE are highly motivated to build your child’s career with their comprehensive and latest teaching plans and techniques.

There are many tips on how to score well in the 10th board examinations. The very first thing to do is to concentrate completely on classes at school and at Digital PACE. Solve questions after studying a topic, and if you are unable to solve, return to the topic rather than comprehending from the solution page. We will analyze the students and conduct parent-teacher meetings accordingly. This will help you know where you have to improve and improvise accordingly.

Class 10th makes us think highly of books and other study material. The competition is fierce out there, and many students get multiple books to study. It is, although, highly recommended to concentrate the most on the NCERT provided and suggested by CBSE. You may take references and other material from other books like RD Sharma, Lakhmir Singh, or RS Aggrawal. But the main focus should revolve around NCERT. With Digital PACE, you will get comprehensive study materials and question banks.

Any child who has learnt and studied the concepts well in standard 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th, will be able to score a good rank in competitive exams. The only caveat is that you must be well familiar with NCERT for the Main and NEET exams. Digital PACE not only handles the subjective syllabus for boards but also the calculative preparation required to pass the competitive examination. At Digital PACE, we make certain that our students are using NCERT texts to be in line with JEE Main Preparation. We administer an NCERT topic-based test and provide STEPapp – Gamified Learning App, which was designed for extra practice in Mathematics and Science. Hence it is important for all the students to be familiar with the CBSE board.

Students from the 7th to the 12th grades can enroll in Digital PACE. We entertain all the students with an aim to make them better for the future. The 7th and 8th grades are more focused on foundation building, whereas the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades are more focused on competitive admission exam driven curriculum. We provide full study material along with the question papers. Evaluations are given in the form of tests, and parent-teacher meetings are regularly conducted. Anyone who wants to pass the JEE/NEET/other competitive tests should consider Digital PACE.