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arrow Digital PACE course for JEE Repeater is a one year course that covers the entire syllabus of Class 11th and 12th for Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics. The classes are conducted 5 days a week in online mode so students can attend all the lectures right from their comfort zone. This course aims to guide candidates throughout their JEE preparation journey.

arrow Our experts provide complete assistance in understanding concepts ranging from basics to advanced level in all subjects (PCM) so students can retain chapters.



At PACE, students get the benefit of attending LIVE interactive classes online from the comfort of their homes. Learn, ask questions, answer- students get to do everything they would in a classroom environment.

The teaching faculty at PACE consists of highly regarded academicians and IITians who are highly qualified in their field of expertise. We guide students effectively to reach their optimum learning goal and score well in their school exams as well as in various competitive exams. Year after year, we have produced glorious results in numerous national and international level exams such as NTSE, KVPY, Olympiads, etc.

We at PACE highly encourage students to ask questions when in doubt and otherwise. This encourages critical thinking ability of the students asking questions and those around them. Teachers are always welcoming doubt clearing sessions during online classes to help students get the best out of their time.

We are also concerned with the well-being of every student and help them with their stress in classes and studies. Students can discuss their worries freely with our mentors to help them overcome their fears and stress of studying. Students will be guided by a personal mentor throughout their academic journey, whether it is to address questions, organize or schedule timetable, or provide career counseling.

The Digital PACE JEE Repeater Course for has an exhaustive module consisting of a thorough syllabus covering all possible topics of Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry. All lectures are recorded and stored within the system to ensure that missed lectures can be taken later without hassle anytime, anywhere!

STEPapp is a gamified, personalized, interactive and adaptive learning app that makes learning fun and interesting for students. It’s an innovative way to learn concepts while making sure that you are always aware of the learning outcomes. STEPapp has been developed in-house by the expert team of 400+ IITians and Doctorates with over 10 years of extensive research.

We at PACE conduct regular exams in the form of test series curated according to the question pattern followed by various School Boards in India for the self-evaluation of students. Our teachers also provide an in-depth analysis of the tests for self-assessment. We at PACE provide curated assignments and notes for students to track their progress during their course of study.

We also provide Study Material for students as references to study from as well as a guidebook. The study materials are highly researched material, curated and designed by our faculty. With this study material, students get access to an exhaustive course covering the entire syllabus of Mathematics & Science, thereby providing them with a deep understanding of the various concepts.

Assignments are prepared by our subject matter experts and are provided to students regularly to check how much they have learnt so far.

We at PACE hold regular PTM sessions for the parents to stay in the loop of their child’s course and check their progress as well as discuss points of improvement with the teachers.


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For JEE Mains –

    1. The candidate must have passed the class 12 exam or must be appearing for class 12 or any equivalent exam.
    2. Students can appear in the exam for three consecutive years.

For JEE Advanced

    1. The candidate must have cleared JEE Mains exam.
    2. The candidate can attempt JEE (Advanced) maximum of two times in two consecutive years.

Students face a lot of struggles while preparing for JEE. Therefore, it is important to start early to stand out from the crowd. JEE repeaters are already well aware of the syllabus all they need is a proper preparation plan and the right strategy to crack the exam. In this situation, a coach is a must who can guide them. Here’s when Digital PACE plays its part. On our study platform, students will not only find the detailed concepts of the chapters, but they’ll also get exam tips and tricks provided by our experts.

So, book a session today and start attending our LIVE classes. Also, get unlimited access to all video lectures till the day of the exam. Hurry and grab a seat at Digital PACE now!!

JEE Advanced exam is one of the toughest exams to crack on the first attempt. The candidates who qualify for the JEE Mains exam can give JEE Advanced. The competition among the candidates has made this exam hard to crack. Also, its testing structure is difficult to understand. But students can easily crack this exam in the first attempt if they join the classes at Digital PACE. This learning platform helps students in understanding every concept. Skilled teachers conduct doubt classes for the students. The platform fulfils every need of the students so that they do not find difficulty in preparing for the examination.

Yes, 12th passed students can join the repeater course at Digital PACE.  Here, students will be provided with all the required study materials. The study material is prepared by skilled mentors. Students can apply for the course and enjoy the interactive live sessions.

When examination comes near it becomes difficult to revise all the concepts thoroughly at the same time. To reduce the pressure before the examination, students must refer to notes. The study materials like notes and previous years’ question papers are provided by Digital PACE. Students can access these materials and prepare for the exam. These learning resources will help to understand the concepts and memorize the important formulas. The study materials are very beneficial for students as these are created by experts of Digital PACE.

Every student is different, therefore, their learning and understanding capacity is also different. The experts of Digital PACE acquire easy teaching techniques so that each student can comprehend every topic easily. The teachers teach them according to the curriculum and new exam pattern of JEE. After the completion of every topic, they conduct Topic-wise Tests. Major tests are conducted after every two months. These test papers follow the exam pattern similar to the exam pattern of JEE. The students are also provided with the analysis reports.

The JEE aspirants (12th passed students) are benefitted from Digital PACE in the following ways:

  • Top educators having an experience of more than two decades in the teaching field teach students using the best teaching methodologies.
  • The learning platform follows the principle of Learn, Re-learn and Apprehend. The teachers conduct interactive live classes that involve features such as live quizzes, screen sharing options, chat with teachers and many more.
  • Digital PACE is very affordable. The students who are not able to pay high fees at other platforms can enrol in this online learning platform and continue with their further studies.

NCERT books prove to be helpful while preparing for the JEE. Every concept in this book is discussed in detail. By studying these books, students will get a clear understanding of the concepts. Also, many questions asked in the exam are directly taken from the NCERT books. But these books are not enough for the preparation. That’s why Digital PACE helps JEE aspirants in preparing for the competitive exam.

The new exam pattern for JEE Mains examination is as follows:

  • Paper I (B.E/ B.Tech) – The paper is divided into 3 sections: Physics, Chemistry and Maths. A total of 90 questions are asked, out of which 75 can be attempted. The maximum mark of the paper is 300.
  • Paper 2A (B.Arch) – This paper consists of three parts: Maths, Drawing and Aptitude. No. of questions asked is 82, out of which 77 can be attempted. The paper is 400 marks.

Paper 2B (B.Planning) – The paper includes three sections: Planning, Maths and Aptitude. The total no. of questions is 105, out of which 100 can be attempted. The paper is 400 marks.

At Digital PACE, mentors follow the same exam pattern while teaching the students.

The JEE Advanced examination consists of two papers, Paper 1 and Paper 2. Each paper constitutes a total of 54 questions and is divided into three sections: Physics, Chemistry and Math. In each section, 18 questions are asked. The maximum mark of each paper is 183.

The same exam pattern is followed by the teachers of Digital PACE so that students can know about the exam pattern.

The number of attempts for JEE Mains exam is 6 over a period of three consecutive years, and a candidate can attempt JEE (Advanced) maximum of two times in two consecutive years. To give the JEE Advanced exam, a student needs to crack the JEE Mains exam. The competition among the students is increasing. Therefore, Digital PACE helps the JEE aspirants to crack both the examinations the first. Top educators provide the students with the best educational materials.

Other than “JEE Repeaters (For 12th passed students),” the courses offered by Digital PACE are as follows:

  • Foundational Courses – For students of classes 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th.
  • JEE Courses – JEE Advanced and JEE Mains for 10th passed students.
  • NEET Courses – NEET (for 10th passed students) and NEET Repeaters (for 12th passed students)

Digital PACE delivers the best study materials to the students. They can easily access the recording of the missed lectures. Also, they will be able to use notes, previous years’ question papers and test series. They can take the help of their mentors to understand the concept that they have missed earlier.

JEE aspirants should first give priority to the NCERT books. After practising the NCERT books, they can refer to other guidebooks. Mentors at Digital PACE will guide them on which books they should refer to. In addition to this, they will also provide them with notes and practice question papers. The NCERT Solutions are also provided by the Digital PACE.

Digital PACE offers scholarships to students. Students have to perform well in PAT (PACE Aptitude Test) to get a chance to avail of these scholarships. The learning platform also offers scholarship opportunities to those who are school toppers.

30% off on the fees for 1st ranker, 25% off for 2nd ranker and 20% off for 3rd ranker.

Yes, mentors at Digital PACE do assign homework to JEE aspirants. The assignments provided by them contain the questions that are asked in the JEE Mains and JEE Advanced examinations. These assignments are discussed in the next lecture. These mentors help and tell the students how to attempt the questions in the examination.

The following tips will help the JEE aspirants to prepare well for the examinations:

  • Prepare a schedule to manage and use the time productively.
  • Be thorough with the NCERT books.
  • Go through the notes that are prepared by the top educators of Digital PACE.
  • Practice previous years’ question papers and mock test papers.
  • Take teachers’ help to clear the doubts.