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A strong root leads to strong fruits. Good preparation is the key to a good entrance exam score. Our expert teachers make sure all the concepts are sunk deep inside a student’s mind!


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The program is available to students in grades 6 to12 who are preparing for the JEE, NEET, or other competitive exams. The demonstration classes are completely free. Students are encouraged to participate a demo class to get a feel of our top faculty’s teaching methods. The demo session also includes instant doubt-resolution, enabling the learner a taste of the added benefit.

Our classes include a live chat option where students can ask the teacher questions directly. The teacher checks the conversation and responds to any questions about the topic of discussion. You can even ask your queries directly to the teachers and get them answered immediately. 

  • Study resources are available in the form of paper and digital books.
  • After each live lesson, students take a practise test to see how well they comprehend the material.
  • Students can use the trial version of STEP-app Gamified Learning App.
  • Instant doubt solving post the demo lecture.

For demo classes, the student has a variety of alternatives to choose from. For users, there are normally 3-4 classes per subject every week. The frequency, on the other hand, can vary.