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arrow PACE conducts online classes that can help students learn concepts, basic understandings, and chapter wise topics at a regular pace. This can help students of all IQ levels to understand the topics.

arrow Our team of experts will guide you along all the basic concepts distributed in the subjects of mathematics and science, and can help you retain the chapters.

arrow We aim to develop students’ learning skills and prepare them for competitive examinations. The batch aids the students to get ahead of the curve in preparation for their school/competitive exams, such as NTSE, KVPY, National & International Olympiads, and other national and international level of competitive exams.



At PACE, students get the benefit of attending LIVE interactive classes online from the comfort of their homes. Learn, ask questions, answer- students get to do everything they would in a classroom environment.

The teaching faculty at PACE consists of highly regarded academicians and IITians who are highly qualified in their field of expertise. We guide students effectively to reach their optimum learning goal and score well in their school exams as well as in various competitive exams. Year after year, we have produced glorious results in numerous national and international level exams such as NTSE, KVPY, Olympiads, etc.

We at PACE highly encourage students to ask questions when in doubt and otherwise. This encourages critical thinking ability of the students asking questions and those around them. Teachers are always welcoming doubt clearing sessions during online classes to help students get the best out of their time.

We are also concerned with the well-being of every student and help them with their stress in classes and studies. Students can discuss their worries freely with our mentors to help them overcome their fears and stress of studying. Students will be guided by a personal mentor throughout their academic journey, whether it is to address questions, organize or schedule timetable, or provide career counseling.

The PACE Foundation Course for 9th Standard has an exhaustive module consisting of a thorough syllabus covering all possible topics of Class 9 Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, & Biology. All lectures are recorded and stored within the system to ensure that missed lectures can be taken later without hassle anytime, anywhere!

STEPapp is a gamified, personalized, interactive and adaptive learning app that makes learning fun and interesting for students. It’s an innovative way to learn concepts while making sure that you are always aware of the learning outcomes. STEPapp has been developed in-house by the expert team of 400+ IITians and Doctorates with over 10 years of extensive research.

We at PACE conduct regular exams in the form of test series curated according to the question pattern followed by various School Boards in India for the self-evaluation of students. Our teachers also provide an in-depth analysis of the tests for self-assessment. We at PACE provide curated assignments and notes for students to track their progress during their course of study.

We also provide Study Material for students as references to study from as well as a guidebook. The study materials are highly researched material, curated and designed by our faculty. With this study material, students get access to an exhaustive course covering the entire syllabus of Mathematics & Science, thereby providing them with a deep understanding of the various concepts.

Assignments are prepared by our subject matter experts and are provided to students regularly to check how much they have learnt so far.

We at PACE hold regular PTM sessions for the parents to stay in the loop of their child’s course and check their progress as well as discuss points of improvement with the teachers.


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As students get promoted from class 8th to class 9th, they experience a major shift in the concepts and chapters. It is hence important to build their base in class 9th. PACE prepares step by step learning sessions for the students to help them understand the concepts and chapters. Our online sessions can help students to learn the concepts of math and science thoroughly. This will help them get a strong base for class 10th and later prepare for the competitive examinations. It is a year-long course that includes live practice sessions, interactive classes, and doubt clearing sessions to help students with the curriculum of class 9th. Teachers will help you understand the most complex topics at ease. Book your session today and start LIVE sessions. Get unlimited access to all the video classes until the very day of your exam! So what are you waiting for? Book your seat now with PACE.

Yes, class 9th is one of the most important classes in a student’s life. It provides you with the base prior to class 10th. If your concepts are not cleared in class 9th, you may feel difficulty coping with the board examinations. With PACE online classes for class 9th, you can get a complete understanding of the concepts and theories taught in class 9th. If you want to prepare yourself for the competitive examinations, joining online coaching classes in class 9th is very important.

Studying with PACE will provide students with comprehensive study plans. We provide supportive study material, question papers, and individualized study plans to the students. It is important to build a strong base in class 9th. We aim to provide the same with our comprehensive study plans and help students to clear their doubts. Our interactive session includes doubt solving classes along with practice sessions. You can register for our classes and get full access to the LIVE sessions and videos along with study plans at our website. Get enrolled in a year-long course and get your journey started with PACE.

Students learn at their own pace. We use a holistic and child-centric approach, a feedback-driven mechanism, innovative teaching methodology, exclusive and experienced faculty, training sessions, revisions, study material, test patterns, motivational webinars, and more to produce top-notch results year after year. Aside from the aforementioned qualities, there is one special trait that we instill in our students, and that is the ‘Scientific Attitude.’ The curriculum at PACE is mixed to ensure that the syllabus for competitive exams and boards is handled in such a way that there is no overlapping.

Every theory, or formula, is the result of investigation and testing. There are times when you need to go back to the basics to solidify your understanding of the concepts. This extensive study material has been created over the last two decades by our team of experts. Our study materials have been refined over time, and our gamified learning software reflects this. STEPapp has already been embraced by a large number of schools and educational institutions around the country, with over one million downloads. We’ve created unique modules for each subject that cover all of the boards’ syllabuses.

The human brain is complicated, and in today’s distractible world, the focus is essential for peak performance. A skilled teacher knows how to keep the attention of their students. In the last 25 years of trust and excellence, we at Digital PACE have provided students with the best faculty in the country and have produced top IIT JEE and NEET rankers. PACE IIT & Medical teachers have more than two decades of expertise preparing students for IIT-JEE, NEET, and international competitive exams, with the industry’s greatest selection rate. The faculty employs a straightforward, gamified teaching technique that is not only easy to grasp but also exam-oriented.

Learning is very important to us at Digital PACE. Before students can have a complete understanding of a topic, they must speak up. The principle we follow at Digital PACE is LEARN, RE-LEARN, and APPREHEND. Our goal is for kids to feel at ease and comfortable in the classroom. With Digital Whiteboard, Screen-sharing, Annotations, Live quizzes, Chat with Teachers, and other features, we keep the students involved and engaged in the classroom. We have a track record of using digital platforms to teach students. PACE has developed countless Toppers through digital education over the last 25 years.

Students are provided with personal mentors to guide them towards their betterment. Mentoring can make a child disciplined and help them learn concepts at ease. Without the direction and mentoring of outstanding professors, nothing can be accomplished. Each child will be guided by one of our highly skilled and best-in-class mentors to get the most out of the learning program. Students will be given study plans to assist them in better organizing their learning schedules. Our students get specialized mentors who can help them with academic, technical, and other issues.

Many students can feel that class 9th is tougher than 8th. Students learn new concepts and skills in class 9th. At digital PACE we can help students to comprehend all the concepts, topics, and chapters at ease. You can download the study materials; and watch video sessions. The teachers also provide comprehensive notes and study materials to help students at the time of examinations. You can get doubt clearing classes and clear your doubts. The child-centric approach works wonders for the students. You can build a strong base in class 9th before class 10th . Enrol for one year program at Digital PACE.

Students can access the guided package and register for the online classes for class 9 with Digital PACE. It is exclusively made with each student’s strengths and limitations in mind, as well as the essential pre-requisites. Students can improve their grades in academic competitions by using our study materials. The latest Class 9 (2022-23) CBSE NCERT syllabus, Study Materials for CBSE NCERT Class 9, Sample Paper with Solutions, Complete Class 9 Solutions, The Standard Text Books for CBSE NCERT Class 9 and much more are available at Digital PACE.

Students should study for 4-6 hours a day on a daily basis on average to prepare successfully for the class 9 exam. For CBSE/ICSE/SSC Class 9 preparation, four-six hours of preparation every day is more than enough. It is critical for students to comprehend the significance of these six hours, as they must be used wisely and without squandering any time. Students can take help from the professionals at Digital PACE and register for the online LIVE classes, also stay up to date on the best practices for CBSE/ICSE/SSC Class 9 preparation.

Students benefit greatly from the NCERT Class 9 books. This book aids students in preparing for both year-end and competitive exams. At Digital PACE, students can access the solution and chapters. Students can also use the RS Agarwal/RD Sharma and other books to supplement their mathematics and science practice. With our comprehensive study plans, students will be able to learn the NCERT book of class 9th. They can also access the video and other study material that can help them better understand the concepts.

The CBSE board will be in charge of the exams. The theory paper will be worth 80 Marks, with the internal assessment worth 20 marks. The following is the weighting distribution for each topic in the paper, which will be graded for 80 marks- Number Systems = 8 Marks Algebra = 17 Marks Coordinate Geometry = 4 Marks Geometry = 28 Marks Mensuration = 13 Marks Statistics and Probability = 10 Marks. With Digital PACE, practice question papers and learn the concepts thoroughly. Our study material can help students to cope with the stress in class 9th.

You can disseminate your schedule as follows: Preparation time is longer in Math and Science. The first two weeks can be used to study Math and Science separately. After that, you can set aside four days for English, Social Studies, and Hindi studies. In the next four to five days that you have available, you can solve previous year’s question papers and test series for all topics. Note that this is an example plan; you should customize your study schedule according to your degree of preparation and strengths in each area.

From the NCERT texts, you should be able to grasp every idea in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. If you’re having trouble grasping a concept, look for information online or from the study material provided by the Digital PACE. While studying, take notes. Our interactive sessions let students participate and take important notes during LIVE sessions. Important concepts, experiments, concise descriptions, reactions, equations, formulas, and other information will be learned. Complete the end-of-chapter questions. If you are facing any issues, connect with your tutor or the guiding mentor at Digital PACE.

Each topic in CBSE Class 9 has a fairly simple syllabus. You won’t need anything more for CBSE Class 9 preparation if you properly complete the NCERT textbooks for the respective courses. If you don’t grasp a concept, you can look for information online at Digital PACE, such as articles and videos, and plan your study schedule for class 9 by preparing the most difficult chapter in arithmetic. Overall, though, the NCERT texts are adequate. You can also obtain CBSE NCERT Solutions for Class 9 PDF at the online LIVE sessions at Digital PACE.